Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Keeping your Teen's Safe Special Report

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Special Report .... 



New Feature Gives Parents Greater Visibility into Children’s Conversations to
Prevent Instances of Cyberbullying and Sexual Harassment
TeenSafe, the leading parental smartphone monitoring service, today announced that it has added the ability to read deleted messages from WhatsApp and Kik, as well as deleted Direct Messages from Twitter, to its platform. This latest feature expands TeenSafe’s screening capabilities to provide a more comprehensive suite of message monitoring, allowing parents to receive a 360-degree view of their teens’ conversations online, and further helping them keep children safe from cyberbullying and sexual harassment.

According to Common Sense Media, teens send an average of 55 text messages per day, and oftentimes the content of these messages are unknown to their parents. Additionally, apps such as Kik and Twitter make it easy for strangers to engage teens, opening them up to unhealthy relationships, solicitations, sextortion and abuse. With TeenSafe’s latest offering, parents no longer have to wonder about what their children may be hiding – they can easily see whether their children have been victimized by others, or are abusing the privileges of smartphone use.

“Deleted messages can often shed light on difficult issues that teens may be dealing with, but not talking about – or they can uncover instances of youthful misconduct, such as sexting, that can lead to bigger issues further down the line,” said TeenSafe Co-Founder Scott Walker. “Having greater visibility into what our kids are deleting from their social media and messaging apps allows parents to start a conversation about what is appropriate behavior online, as well discuss solutions for any apparent problems.”

The ability to read deleted messages from WhatsApp, Kik and Twitter comes on the heels of a series of new updates to the TeenSafe platform, the latest of which includes Tinder monitoring. TeenSafe can also screen the following:

§  Sent, received and deleted SMS and iMessages
§  Call logs of incoming and outgoing calls
§  Current smartphone location and its history
§  Web search and browsing history
§  Contacts

Through its online blog, TeenSafe offers free resources, knowledge and insights into digital parenting. TeenSafe is available at 

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About TeenSafe
TeenSafe created the first parental iPhone monitoring solution and is the IOS and Android service of choice amongst families with over one million sign-ups to date. TeenSafe’s secure technology provides parents with the tools to safeguard their childrens’ "digital lives" through deleted texts, group chat, Kik Messenger and much more. TeenSafe, a proud sponsor of the National PTA, is "built by Parents for Parents." Follow TeenSafe on its blog.


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